Track your events with ease

Keep track of important events, and gain insight into your product and business with our simple to use, and quick to set up event tracking platform.

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Event Collection

Start by tracking your most important events

User tracking, server monitoring, support tickets, orders and more. Track what you care about the most.


New user

William just signed up!


Server offline

App server just went offline


New support ticket

Support ticket just opened


Order received

Anita just ordered a chopping board

Search & Filtering

Quickly find the events
you're looking for.

Whether you're trying to debug an issue, or track a user through time, you'll find the search & filter panel is up to the job.

Name & Message
Search by event name, or for some text contained anywhere within the message
Date Range
Only show events that happened recently, or delve back and find historic events
Correlate events with eachother by tagging them with metadata such as user ID
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Detail View

Drill down into the details.

Get a detailed view of any event. Click on a metadata value to quickly search for related events to aid in tracing an event flow through your system.

New user
William just signed up!
2 minutes ago
user_id: cldvhylev000008l9h8lb8zmg
source: twitter


Visualize your events.

Easily turn your events into visualisations by creating customised charts, no need to fuss around with Grafana.

Fast Setup

It's all just one POST away…

It's quick, easy, and universal. If you can send an HTTP request, you can start sending your events to Logweld in as little as 5 minutes.

Universally supported.
You don't need an SDK to post to Logweld. You can use your favourite HTTP client library to send a simple JSON POST request.
Store extra metadata alongside your events to use for filtering and charting.
No overage fees.
Don't worry about going over your usage. We simply drop the events at the edge, meaning you don't have to worry getting a nasty surprise bill at the end of the month.
curl -X POST \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer 990ddee31bb0b97f72e9a124cf1552e313b04b6571be6eb815b4e764b257a3d2' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -d '{
        "icon": "🔥",
        "name": "User Signup",
        "message": "Jonathon just signed up for the Startup plan!"

Gain insights into your business
Track your events now.

Get started with 500 events per month for free, and when you're ready to deploy you can upgrade in an instant.

Pricing plans

Gain greater insight into your product with increased event quota.


Get started tracking events for free

$0 /mo
billed yearly

What's included

  • Realtime event view
  • Custom charts
  • 500 events per month


Basic plan ideal for developers and personal use.

$10 /mo
billed yearly

What's included

  • Everything in Free
  • 10,000 events per month


Great for a growing startup to monitor their business.

$16 /mo
billed yearly

What's included

  • Everything in Developer
  • 50,000 events per month


Great for business and more fine grained events.

$49 /mo
billed yearly

What's included

  • Everything in Startup
  • 160,000 events per month

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